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darkangelland's Journal

Dark Angel Land
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Dark Angel Land
What is Dark Angel Land?

This community was inspired by whedonland. Like whedonland, it's an interactive community with a bit of competition. Once you apply you'll be placed in one of our three teams: Team Ordinaries, Team Transgenics, and Team Familiars. Unlike whedonland, where they defeat an apocalypse every four months, you will be pitted up against each other. Fighting the fight. If Team Transgenics wins then The Coming was stopped. If Team Ordinaries wins then they infiltrated Terminal City. If Team Familiars wins then The Coming was successful.

How do I get points?
There are several ways to earn points for your team. There will be writing challenges, graphic challenges, trivia games, and other random stuff to participate in.

Each team will also have their own separate, in team, activities.

Should I join just to watch
No, darkangelland is a participation community. Therefore you have to participate in team challenges. If you just watch then no team will be able to get points, etc...

Every four months there will be a clean out of members who haven't participated. So please, if you want to join, make sure you earn your team some points.

How do I join?
Go to this post and apply for a team. Then you will be assigned a team and will get an invite to this community. Then you can go ahead and join you're team's community.